5 things to consider before booking your wedding photographer

The Photographer’s Personality

You will be spending a lot of time with your wedding photographer. From the initial meeting, communicating to plan your day, to working together on the engagement session, the actual wedding day itself, selecting your artwork, and the album process. Making sure your wedding photographer has a personality that you connect with is of extreme importance. It is something that shouldn’t be ignored . That is why we take the time to get to know our couples and allow them to get a good feel for our personalities. Do not ignore making that connection.


Cost can be important when selecting a wedding photographer. However, cost should not be the only deciding factor in this process. Your wedding images will be the one keepsake you will have to cherish years later. Do not take this lightly. We've heard many brides say how they wish they had spent a little more to have better photos. In the end, it cannot be redone.

Wedding Albums

How will you showcase all of your great images? A beautifully crafted wedding album is the best way to display and preserve the memories of your day. Your wedding photographer should provide you with a high quality wedding album. Having the ability to create an album that truly represents who you are is most definitely important. From a variety unique leathers, different sizes, cover and paper options, your wedding photographer should be able to provide you with the highest quality albums available.


It is important to discuss the timeline of your day with your wedding photographer in order to determine how much time is needed to capture your story. Compare how much time you need to how much time is being offered. To fully document your day, your wedding photographer should be there to capture the getting ready process all the way through key moments of your reception. A typical wedding requires 8-10 hours of wedding photography coverage to document the day. Please beware of photographers that offer very low prices and provide less than adequate coverage on your wedding day. This ends up costing way more later as you will have to add many additional hours for the amount of coverage you actually need.

How Many Wedding Photographers?

How many photographers will be at your wedding? With all of the moments that can occur during a wedding, there should be at least two photographers there to capture your day. This ensures multiple perspectives of big moments, as well as candidly capturing little moments during the main proceedings. We find that this will ensure all of your New Jersey wedding photography needs will be taken care of and nothing will be missed on your special day.

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